How long does it take to build with Propexo?

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How long does it take to build with Propexo?

Building with Propexo is quick and easy - but how long does it take? We break down the timeline so you can see how fast you can integrate your product with one or even many property management systems. Spoiler alert: it's shorter than you might think!

Timelines can vary depending on the complexity of your product, whether your use case is read-only or includes writes, and how your engineering team prioritizes the work.

Our APIs are publicly available and well-documented. There is no setup time required on our end. Your integration will take as long as it takes to implement our APIs.

With all of that said, here is the typical timeline we see with our customers:

Technical onboarding (Day 1) - Occurs once you sign a contract and your team is ready to begin. This 45min call will allow us to review your use case, provision you access to your Propexo Portal, create our shared Slack channel, and allow your team to ask technical questions to our engineering leadership.

Building with our API (3-15 days) - Again, depending on your particular use case and how many endpoints you need to execute your workflow, your team can knock the work out in a few days or weeks.

Turning on "production" with real customers (Minutes) - Once you have tested the integration with our demo API and the Sandbox, you will be ready. Simply enter your customer(s) credentials into your Propexo portal and watch the data start to flow.

Turning on a new integration (Minutes) - You are in production with customers but have recently sold to a customer using a different property management system. Let our team know in Slack, and we will turn on the new integration immediately. You can have a customer working with that new integration on the same day. 

Altogether, you can be up and running with Propexo in as little as four days! No matter your requirements, our team is here to help get you set up quickly so you can start reaping the rewards of an integrated system right away.

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