Proptech Guide to Entrata API Integrations

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Integrations are essential for proptechs serving rental organizations. Many property managers and owners will not consider purchasing new technology that doesn't integrate with their current tech stack. 

So, if you're interested in building an integration with Entrata, keep reading to get the inside scoop on how the process works!

About Entrata

Entrata (formerly known as Property Solutions International) is a property management software company founded in 2003. Entrata offers products to support various rental property types, including multifamily and student housing. 

Entrata serves more than 2.6 million rental units in the United States.

Why Integrate with Entrata

There are many reasons to integrate with the Entrata API. These include:

  1. Strong brand in multifamily and student housing. Entrata is one of the leading multifamily property management software. The company is also very popular in student housing. 
  2. Open API. Entrata has an open API with public API documentation
  3. No fees to integrate. Entrata is a rare property management software company that doesn't charge integrators fees to connect with their API.

How to Integrate with Entrata

Step 1: Find a mutual client

To integrate with Entrata, a mutual client must request API access on your behalf. Note that this client must also agree to allow you to work with them to build & test your Entrata integration.

Once you've found the mutual client, they should contact their Entrata account manager to start the onboarding process.

Step 2: Submit online application

Entrata will then share an application form for you to complete. The application will ask questions about your business.

Step 3: Sign the commercial agreement

Entrata will send an API agreement for you to sign if there are no issues with your application.

Step 4: Build the integration

Once the commercial agreement is signed, you will receive API credentials and can start building the integration. 

One important thing to note: Entrata does not provide a dedicated sandbox environment for integration development. Integration development happens within a client environment.

Helpful Links

Entrata Integrations homepage

Entrata API documentation

Wrap Up

That's everything you need to know to get started with an Entrata API integration! 

And if you need help with property management software integrations, let's get in touch! Propify speeds up integrations and reduces ongoing maintenance costs with our proprietary unified API. And we would love to help your team!

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