Proptech Guide to Rentvine API Integrations

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Integrations are essential for proptechs serving rental organizations. Many property managers and owners will not consider purchasing new technology that doesn't integrate with their current tech stack. 

So, if you're interested in building an integration with Rentvine, keep reading to get the inside scoop on how the process works!

About Rentvine

Rentvine is a property management software built for property managers of single-family rental units. 

Why Integrate with Rentvine

There are many reasons to integrate with the Rentvine API. These include:

  1. Growing brand in single-family rental. Rentvine has strong positive word of mouth from users in single-family rental (SFR).
  2. Open API. Rentvine has an open API with public documentation. Any Rentvine customer can generate an API credential for an integrator.
  3. Free to integrate. Rentvine does not charge integration partners to use the Rentvine API. In addition, Rentvine customers do not have to pay for a more expensive software version to generate an API credential. 

How to Integrate with Rentvine

Step 1. Find a mutual client 

To integrate with Rentvine, a mutual client must generate an API credential for you. 

Step 2. Generate API credential

Once you've identified a mutual client, that client can generate an API credential for you to use.

Step 3. Start building!

With your API credential in hand, you can start building right away. There is no approval process or paperwork to be signed.

Helpful Links

Rentvine Integration home

Rentvine API documentation

Wrap Up

That's everything you need to know to get started with a Rentvine API integration! 

And if you need help with property management software integrations, let's get in touch! Propify speeds up integrations and reduces ongoing maintenance costs with our proprietary unified API. And we would love to help your team!

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