Proptech Guide to Yardi API Integrations

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Integrations are essential for proptechs serving rental organizations. Many property managers and owners will not consider purchasing new technology that doesn't integrate with their current tech stack. 

So, if you're interested in joining the Standard Interface Partner Program (SIPP) and building an integration with the Yardi API, keep reading to get the inside scoop on how the process works!

About Yardi

Yardi is a property management software company founded in 1984. The company offers products to support various rental property types, including multifamily, commercial, affordable, and single-family. 

The company's flagship product, Yardi Voyager, is built for multifamily property management.

Yardi currently serves 13 million rental units globally

Why Integrate with Yardi

There are many reasons to integrate with the Yardi API. These include:

  1. Yardi is the #1 property management software. With more than 13 million rental units served, Yardi is the top property management software on the market, followed by AppFolio with 7.7 million rental units.
  2. Expansive integration ecosystem. Yardi has more than 300+ integration partners, making it one of the most integrated systems in the industry.

How to Integrate with Yardi

Step 1. Submit application

First, you must submit the SIPP Interface Information Request Form to start the process. You must provide contact information for three mutual clients as part of this application.

Step 2. Complete Data Exchange Agreement(s)

You must sign a separate agreement for each Yardi interface you wish to integrate with your application. In addition, an annual fee of $25,000 is charged for each interface

Step 3. Build your Yardi integration

Yardi will provide the credentials needed to build a functional integration.

Step 4. Beta-test your Yardi integration with a pilot client

As part of the approval process, you must find a pilot client to beta-test your integrated product and confirm that it works.

Step 5. Launch the integration!

After the beta test has concluded successfully, your application will be accessible to all Yardi customers.

Helpful Links

Yardi Standard Interface Partnership Program membership form

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Wrap Up

That's everything you need to know to get started with a Yardi API integration! 

And if you need help with property management software integrations, let's get in touch! Propify speeds up integrations and reduces ongoing maintenance costs with our proprietary unified API. And we would love to help your team!

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