What is a good use case for Propexo?

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What is a good use case for Propexo?

While searching for a better way to integrate with all major property management systems, you may have come across Propexo. While you are excited about the idea of integrating with all of the major property management systems in one go, with a fraction of the engineering effort, you might still have some concerns like:

  • "We only need one integration, so why should we use Propexo?"
  • "What if a property management system we care about is not in the Propexo docs?"
  • "How do I know if my use case is a good fit or even supported by Propexo?"

In this article, we'll address these objections and show you why Propexo is, in almost all cases, an excellent choice for any product that needs to integrate with a property management system.

First, even if you only need one integration, Propexo can save you time, effort, and money. Even if you only need one integration today, if there is even the slightest chance that you might need another in the future, it will genuinely be the flip of a switch to turn it on. But if a single integration is all you care about, here are the ways Propexo will make that integration easier:

  • Our Replay and Retry Strategies – allow us to provide you data, even when the end property management system is down. 
  • Our RESTful API – will be familiar to your engineering team and avoids your talent having to wrestle with the XML responses of the SOAP APIs.
  • Webhooks – are one example of dev tools that will make your team build quickly.
  • Build and sell before approval – our Demo API allows your team to build the integration while you wait for integration approval. Once approved, you will be able to go live that same day. 

What if you need to figure out if Propexo solves your use case? The first step is to check out the API coverage in our Documentation found at docs.getpropexo.com. We support the most prominent property management systems, but if you don't see a specific API listed in the docs, the next step is a technical review with our engineering team. We can add new APIs to our unified Data model in 1-3 weeks. We prioritize additional API coverage for new customers because if it is valuable for you, it is beneficial for other customers as well.

So whether you're building a more automated lead-to-lease experience, portfolio data analysis, or any other product that needs to integrate with a property management system, Propexo is a good choice. You can start with one integration and add more as you grow, all through a unified API that's easy to use and well-documented.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please book time with one of our representatives today.

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