Case Study

Level Increases Integration Team Efficiency With Propify

Level was challenged trying to support multiple property management software integrations and wanted help. Using Propexo, the company could move quickly and refocus engineering resources on new features.

75% reduction of engineering effort on integrations, 50% reduction in integration development time


Founded in 2016, Level manufactures smart locks and access control technology for homes and apartments. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, CA.

Building Multifamily Capabilities

Level launched as a smart lock manufacturer primarily serving homeowners. In 2021, the company acquired Dwelo, a multifamily access solution with SaaS capabilities. After that acquisition, the company focused its growth efforts on the multifamily segment and quickly realized the importance of property management integrations when selling to this segment. 

The Need for Propexo

“Supporting multiple integrations can be so challenging that it sometimes prevents us from introducing new features. So we were excited to find a solution that provided a more consistent API experience for us,” said Michael Wright, Director of Engineering at Level. 

“The Propexo API provided the foundational building blocks we need to complete our integrations.”

A Responsive Partner

Michael added, “The absolute responsiveness from the Propexo team has been amazing. (Propexo CTO) Nick and other engineers on the team have been quick to answer questions in Slack whenever an issue arises. We really appreciate that mindset because it shows how much the Propexo team values us and makes us feel like we’re in this together. And when something needs to be done by the Propexo team, the work is completed very quickly. It’s especially fast for a third party.”

Doing More With Less

“Working with Propexo, we can now deliver two or three integrations with only a quarter of the engineering staff previously devoted to this work. And those integrations can be completed drastically faster than before.”