Case Study

Tidy Speeds Up Integrations with Propexo

Tidy was looking to expand its business from short-term rental into traditional rentals. The company stayed agile by using Propexo to enter the new market and rapidly launch multiple integrations.

8x increase in integration development speed


Founded in 2013, Tidy is a technology-enabled property cleaning & maintenance service helping 100,000 customers and leading property managers across the world.

Expanding into a New Market

Tidy was built to serve the cleaning and maintenance needs of homeowners and short-term rental property managers. Customers love the service for the high quality of its service professionals and integration-focused approach that made it easy to automate scheduled cleanings and administer cleaning as a tax-advantaged benefit. When the company began looking for more opportunities to scale, it focused on serving the long-term rental market. The company was looking for a partner that could help them quickly break into the market and deliver their trademark integration-first experience.

Deciding on Propexo

"We had built nearly a dozen integrations into short-term rental property management systems. We had the expertise in that space but were unfamiliar with long-term rentals. So, it was a build vs. buy decision for us. And for us, the most important thing was speed," said Tidy founder Chris Hawkins. "Propexo was the only solution we found to deliver what we needed."

Building Quickly

Working with Propexo, Tidy quickly built and launched several integrations into multiple property management systems. "Using Propexo, we completed eight integrations in just one month. It was pretty darn quick. Normally, each integration would require a full month of development time."

"The Developer Experience Everybody Wants"

The Tidy team moved much faster due to the standardization of Propexo's unified API model. According to Chris, "Propexo does a good amount of the standardization for us, so we don't need to worry about the details. And it is nice to work with a company whose job it is to make a nice API. Some integration support teams are tough to work with. With Propexo, API documentation, usage provisioning, and test accounts are all straightforward." Chris also credits Propexo for delivering a great support experience. "The Propexo team is responsive when we have issues and resolves them quickly." His summary: "Propexo offers the developer experience everybody wants."

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